I came to Yoga looking for stress relief.  I have gotten so much more out of my Yoga practice.  It is essential for nourishing mind, body and spirit.  I became a Yoga Instructor to help others not only be physically fit but also to nourish their mind and their spirit.  Please contact me for private Yoga Instruction small group or individual.   Namaste, Denise.

Beginning yoga


This class is more challenging than any other yoga classes. We incorporate poses that are designed to give you an in-depth understanding of breath, posture, and flexibility. 


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After you’re comfortable with the introduction to yoga you can move into a stronger class. This course is designed to help you develop more strength, poses, and flexibility. 


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Advanced Yoga

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This course offers new students, or ones that are just in need of a refresher, an introduction to these practices. This class focuses on a safe introduction to some of the core poses you’ll find.


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​​Weigh Better

Intermediate Yoga

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